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Natasha Nunez is pretty. She's also mildly retarded. Ok... one of those two things is not the truth. I'll let you decide which. From what we were told, this is to be Natasha's swan song, meaning that no more porn after this scene. As she put it, "I ain't about this life". That's to say that getting dicked down by random dudes and passed around like a cheap piece of ass isn't what she envisioned for herself. I can respect that. I actually truly support that. It's good to see these idiots leave this scumbag business and become clerks at fast food joints. Hey... someone has to take my order, right? Anyway, if Natasha didn't have plans on quitting prior to coming here, she would have after this fiasco. We made sure we sent her packing in epic Latina Abuse form. This scene is awesome. You're going to love it!

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